Know your rights

Knowing your rights

As a Canadian citizen, you are granted certain rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms that should not be violated. Here are some of your rights:

  • Section 7 – Under section 7, you have a right to disclosure. Any evidence that the prosecutor wishes to use against you must be disclosed to you before your trial.
  • Section 11(a) – Under section 11(a), you have a right to be informed of the offence you are being charged with. Your ticket and disclosure should clearly explain what you are being charged with.
  • Section 11(b) – Under section 11(b), you have a right to have your case tried within a reasonable time.
  • Section 11(d) – Under section 11(d), evidence cannot be obtained from you unfairly, in a way that violates your rights.

Stay of Proceedings: You can request a “stay” if you believe that your rights have been violated. Requesting a stay means that you are requesting that the Justice stop the trial.