Understand your options

Understanding your options

Just got a ticket? Here's what you can do

When you are charged with a traffic offence and have been given a ticket, you have three options (which you can find on the back of the ticket). Choose wisely!


Option 1: Plea of Guilty

If you ignore your ticket or voluntarily pay your ticket. You will accept whatever demerit points or conviction the police has hit you with.

A great option if you want to give away your money!


Option 2: Early Resolution

Meeting with the prosecutor to plead guilty. A high chance of getting a reduced charge (meaning a lower fine), but you will still be convicted, and you will still likely receive points.

Not always recommended— if you plan on spending your time at the courthouse anyways, why not stand before a Justice and try to defend yourself?


Option 3: Take it to Trial (Recommended)

Stand before a Justice and make your case. Strongly recommended, as choosing this option will allow you access rights you don’t have in Option 2, such as the right to review the evidence.

Thousands of people successfully fight their own tickets every year. With a little preparation, you too can fight your own ticket, and dramatically raise your chances of being found not guilty!


NOTE: By booking a trial (Option 3) you can still attend early resolution (Option 2). You can also attend early resolution (Option 2), refuse the prosecutor’s offer, and still book a trial afterwards (Option 3).