Red light ticket

If you have received a red light ticket in the mail, photographs of you (or someone else in a car registered to you) running a red light should be included. Red light camera tickets are sent to the registered owner of a vehicle.

If you do not respond to the red light ticket, you will be convicted and you will be fined. The cost of a red light ticket can be quite high, around the $300 range. The fine will be 'in default' if it is not paid on time and you will be denied renewal of your license plate stickers until they are paid. However, demerit points will not be applied and license suspension is not possible.


Section 144(18) of the Highway Traffic Act reads as follows:

Every driver approaching a traffic control signal showing a circular red indication and facing the indication shall stop his or her vehicle and shall not proceed until a green indication is shown. 

In order to convict you, the prosecution will have to prove, under S.144(18) of the Highway Traffic Act:

  1. You were operating a motor vehicle.
  2. The light was in fact red (showing a circular red indication).
  3. You were facing the direction of the light.
  4. You did not stop your vehicle.
  5. You proceeded while the light was red.

If you are being charged with running a red light at an intersection, then section 144(15) of the Highway Traffic Act also applies:

Section 144(15) demands that if you are driver who is directed by a traffic control signal at an intersection to stop, you must stop:

(a) at the sign or roadway marking indicating where the stop is to be made;

(b) if there is no sign or marking, immediately before entering the nearest crosswalk; or

(c) if there is no sign, marking or crosswalk, immediately before entering the intersection.

An intersection is defined under section 144(1) of the Highway Traffic Act as: "Any portion of a highway indicated by markings on the surface of the roadway as a crossing place for pedestrians".

Traffic control signal and traffic control signal system are both defined under section 133 of the Highway Traffic Act:

‘Traffic control signal’ means the part of a traffic control signal system that consists of one set of no less than three coloured lenses - red, amber and green - mounted on a frame and commonly referred to as a signal head;

‘Traffic control signal system’ means all of the signal equipment making up the installation at any location.


There are few potential defences that can be used to fight a red light ticket, especially if you were caught by a camera.
Often, your best bet for a red light ticket is to go in for Early Resolution in order to obtain a plea deal. It is strongly recommended in most red light camera ticket matters to simply take the plea deal, which may drop the price of the charge down to the ~$80 range.
If you really wish to fight the ticket, then order disclosure as you normally would. However, please note that if you were caught by a red light camera and the photographs were included with your ticket, the prosecution usually does not have additional disclosure to provide you with.