Our Team

John Wu
CEO & Co-founder

John graduated from Western, double majoring in Biology and Philosophy. After spending three years researching at St. Joseph’s, he decided to apply his scientific training to a different sort of innovation. Eventually, he found his way to Zoneco, an aquaculture conglomerate, where he worked directly under the President to implement innovative business strategies at every level.

Richard James
CLO & Co-Founder

Richard graduated from McMaster University with an Honours Bachelors of Arts. He has worked for two summers with the Landlord and Tenant Board, a little over a year with the Investigations and Resolutions Department at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, and is currently working with in-house legal counsel at the Real Estate Council of Ontario. This past year, was a caseworker with the Innocence Project at Osgoode Hall Law School.

Devon Gasparotto
CTO & Co-Founder

A software engineering student from McMaster, Devon recently completed a year-long internship program at Calisto Integration, where he worked with the engineering team to develop a variety of software. Prior to that, he worked at TELUS, where he helped create innovative solutions for serving customer needs.

Jonathan Hurter
Legal Counsel

Following several years’ experience as a licensed paralegal, and after completing extensive training as a mediator, Jonathan has focused his efforts on expanding his knowledge and expertise in the legal field. While enthusiastic about a variety of areas of law, Jonathan has concentrated his most recent education on developing general skills in litigation. As his professional development continues, Jonathan looks forward to continue working alongside experts, and expanding upon both his knowledge and skills.